Poor Theatre seeks to encourage and support the professional development of artists associated with Grotowski Technique in the theatre world.


The Poor Theatre project strives to revive, advance, continually challenge, using Grotowski Technique culture in the theatre world and to become an open platform for artists to showcase and enhance their talents and projects.

The Project
The Poor Theatre project aims to establish several art residencies annually as an art academy in the theatre world. Its main objective is to engage artists with contemporary practices and provide them with the skills and methods for how to develop as actors and actress the Grotowski Technique. Our workshops and residencies also aim to focus on the uses of the “poor theatre” n several field and contexts such as awareness and education. Such projects are also a space where young artists are in network with each other.

Up until now, the Poor Theatre project have produced over sexteen art residencies and over one hundred Grotowski laboratories in the theatre world. Contact us if you are an actor, actress o theatre company interested to know more about Grotowski laboratories.