The Poor Theatre was founded in 2009 as a non-profit organization with the mission to encourage Grotowski Technique throughout the theatre world and advance new developments in the field whilst simultaneously functioning as an established collaborative group and theatre project.

Poor Theatre was born out of a need for a space in the theatre world for passionate artists interested in the valuable teachings of the Master Jerzy Grotowski. The initiative is the very first of its kind and provides a vital platform to revive, advance, continually challenge and rethink theatre culture whilst encouraging and supporting the professional development of any artists interested in the “poor theatre” practices.

We provide skills and specialized theatre programs for experienced and novice artists, including theatre teachers, directors, actors, and actress. We also collaborate with artists, professionals, and theatre companies which means we are constantly diffusing and exploring new and exciting possibilities for the Grotowski Technique.

As of 2016, we at Poor Theatre have decided to expand our horizons and take the project into its next phase, relocating to Edinburgh and undertaking our biggest project yet which we are thrilled to reveal in the coming months.